Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer FlagsMade in the Himalayas these authentic Tibetan Prayer Flags are used to promote peace, compassion and wisdom. It is believed the energy of the prayers and sacred mantras on the flags are blown in the wind and will bring Joy, Happiness and good health to all who see them as well as their families, loved ones, neighbors, and all people throughout the world.

Made from colorful cloth squares in Blue, White, Red, Green and Yellow. Woodblocks are used to decorate the prayer flags with images, mantras, and prayers.

At the center of a prayer flag, there is an image of the Wind Horse. On the Four corners of each of the Prayer Flags, are images of a Garuda, Dragon, Tiger, and Snow Lion which are the four sacred animals representing the Four Virtues of Wisdom, Strength, Confidence, and Joy.

Tradition tells us the Wind Horse in center of each flag will carry the blessings of love and compassion to all sentient beings through out the universe. As wind passes over the surface of the flags the air is purified and the wind energized by the Sacred Mantras that are printed on the Prayer Flags.

Many People have noticed how the prayer flags seem to quickly uplift the environment they are in and bring joy to those that see them. They really have a beautiful noticeable effect on ones surroundings.

Prayer Flags come in sets of five colors. The five colors represent the five elements and are arranged from left to right in a specific order, they are arranged starting with the blue on the left.



The Five colors of Tibetan Prayer Flags traditionally represent the Five Elements

BLUE (sky/space)   WHITE (wind/air)   RED (fire)   GREEN (water)   Yellow (earth)

These colorful premium quality (Wind Horse Style) Tibetan Prayer Flags, are made in the Central Himalayan Valley of Nepal using traditional woodblock techniques. The colors on these flags are the brightest and most vibrant we have seen, they do not fade and are the favorite among many Buddhist Monasteries. All our Tibetan Prayer Flags are verified at Boudhanath in Kathmandu for authenticity by Ven. Lhundrop Kelsang.

We offer Four different sizes to choose from including a vertical flagpole stlye.You can hang the whole horizontal style sets by it self or divide the sets up in to 5, 10 or 15 flags and hang in different locations in or around your home and land. They make great gifts and are wonderful to give to friends and family on special occasions.

Large Prayer Flags are 11” x 14” each - Set has 25 flags on a 30' long string

Medium Prayer Flags are 8" x 10" each - Set has 25 flags on a 25' long string

Small Prayer Flags are 6 " x 8 " each - Set has 25 flags on a 20' long string

Vertical Prayer Flags are 16 " x 16 " each - Set has 5 flags on a 7' long string

wind passes over the surface of the prayer flags

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