Solar Prayer Wheels


We love these Solar Prayer Wheels, filled with 2.2 million mantras, they can run with solar energy and or a AAA Battery, made from poly resin, they keep spinning ad spinning. Tibetan Prayer Wheels are a wonderful way to bring the energy of the prayer wheel to your home and environment. A combination of ancient tradition and modern technology, they are then specially filled with over Millions of copies of the Mantra:

                                mantra  OM MANI PADME HUM

This Mantra was written by His Holiness The Dalai Lama specifically for the purpose of duplicating as many times as possible for use in the Prayer Wheels.  Using special equipment, the Mani Mantras are microprinted, they are then properly placed in the prayer wheel. According to tradition, the more mantras that are wound inside a Prayer Wheel, the more beneficial it becomes - microprinting allows us to put Millions of Mantras in every Prayer Wheel.



Solar Prayer Wheels

   Solar Prayer Wheel filled with 2.2 Million Mantras

    Approx 2.5" Wide 5" High

Solar Prayer Wheel $65.00 


We can ship our Prayer Wheels to almost anywhere in the world, please contact us for more information on International shipping costs.

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