Tara Statues

Tara, known as the Buddha of Enlightened Activity, is the mother of perfected wisdom and compassion, swift and victorious, giver of prosperity, protector and remover of all obstacles.

Tara’s playful mind can relieve ordinary minds, which become rigidly serious or tightly gripped by dualistic distinctions. She takes delight in an open mind and a receptive heart. Tara sits at ease, her form relaxed open and friendly; her outstretched right foot indicates her readiness to swiftly help sentient beings, and she holds two utpala flowers representing her purity and compassion.

The exact form of the statue is very important. Each statue is rich in symbolism, with sacred scriptures specifying the detailed iconography. Statues are made using the ancient ‘lost wax’ casting process and require the highest level of craftsmanship. We have gone to great lengths to seek out and work with a family of artisans who are both highly skilled and have great respect for the work they are involved in.

Designed to exact descriptions in the Buddhist texts and commentaries, each statue is a work of art and tool for self evolution. Exquisite in design and finish detailed with hand-painted faces.

Tara Stautes are 6 inches tall, accents Beautifully gilded in Pure Gold.


Tara Statue



Tara Statue



6” Tara Statue
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