Tibetan Quartz Crystals


High in The Himalayan Mountains a very unique Quartz Crystal is found. Brought from the Ganesh Himal Mountain range that borders Tibet and Nepal. Found at elevations of over 15,000 Feet, They are considered to be some of the most energetically vibrant crystals available on the planet.

It is a 10 day trek to reach the remote location where these very special Quartz Crystals are found and the snow covered passes are only open for a short time during the warmer months. The picture above was taken on one of our our journeys to the beautiful Himalayan Mountains where these amazing crystals come from.

Nature can bring tremendous healing and energy to our lives, these rare Tibetan Quartz Crystals we offer have been charged with the sacred energy of the Himalayas for millions of years and are truly a gift to those that receive them.

We are the direct source for these rare, very special Tibetan Crystals.

We bring them from the Himalayas to you!


Tibetan MerKaBa Crystal
Tibetan Quartz Flower of Life Pendant

Quartz is used extensively in meditation, spiritual development, and healing, and has been used for these purpose quite extensively by the Native American Indians, the African tribal systems, the ancient Egyptian culture, the Mayans and Aztecs, the Australian Aborigines, the Romans, Scots, Celts, Tibetan Buddhists, Brahmans and many others. In the Buddhist Medical Texts Quartz is considered to be one of the seven great precious substances.